Our Mission

Promoting plant-based solutions

for improved health outcomes

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Salina Shah

About the Founder

Based in Boston, Salina has been vegetarian for over 30 years and vegan for over 5 years. While rising to be a corporate executive and people leader at a Fortune 500 company, she discovered and experienced the benefits of maintaining an ethical vegan and plant-based lifestyle. She founded Ahimsa Consulting LLC to work with communities and corporations to share her experience and promote improved health outcomes through whole plant foods.

Salina is a certified master vegan educator, a founding member of the Vegan Women's Leadership Network, a long-time member of Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management, and has completed the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition certification. She provides support to plant-based initiatives, including the Actuaries for Sustainable Health Care (an international group dedicated to achieving long-term fiscal sustainability through the use of whole food plant-based nutrition) and is an associate producer of the upcoming film They're Trying to Kill Us (a documentary that explores the hidden intersections between diet, disease, poverty, and racism). 

Salina is trained as a credentialed actuary in employer health benefits and has years of start-up and Fortune 500 experience leading the design, development, and delivery of innovative solutions. She is a co-inventor of a health benefits optimization software patent, and she has expertise in strategic operations, innovation execution, and people leadership.